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One day we will take the same train together.

Publié le 19 Nov 2012

There is at the end of the rails this point luminous which obsesses you, that you look at each morning. You believe that he shows you the way. That to flee, leave far. You speak about your destiny. You hate your days without following days. You groan, you lime pits. Without end. What can I offer to you if is not to tighten you the hand? It is little in your eyes, for me it is what it me remains, I am on the decline. I want to escape to me towards the distance. It seems to me that between us there remain nothing any more. But, I suspect you of wanting to go up with me in the same train. Your words are dubious. Your attitudes are borrow of scorn. However, at the bottom of your eyes still shine a weak gleam as when you were made whore. We liked our tender, our feasts. Then which is your intention? To Leave, remain, today or tomorrow? When will you decide you, finally? Do you give a direction to this behavior which does not have anything pain-killer? It disturbs me, broke ou ecrin. I believe of anything any more, neither in you, neither in me, nor with the divine one. I look at the rails of this train, this luminous point in the distance but I do not see there any more our way. It is inhuman. You remainders, you do not leave, you are each morning there. I rise frightened, opens the shutters, see you in the garden. The fear of your absence moves away until tomorrow. You will see the rails, the flashes of the distance. All will start again like yesterday, like the other days but that does not have anything airspeed indicator. It is the madness of our daily newspaper. Our long fall in a abyme without end. The day when I met you, I knew that in you an imp dozes. It corrodes little by little your destiny. Consume those which approach with your hand. Without brake, we are gotten into the same train. The character of our drift frightens me, unhealthy, it becomes superhuman. I take little by little a malignant pleasure. You know it, the madness gain my body, my heart, force-feed feast. This is why you remainders, you do not leave, you understood that one day we will take the same train together.

le sang de la nuit, la naissance de l'ange, decouvrez le dernier roman de steffan urell

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