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gothique et romantique

Between two banks of our delights.

Publié le 4 Fév 2015

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You are frozen. On the one stiff winter old bridge. Between two banks of our delights. To look at passing. Deadened barges. On water which slips. Your glance which flees. In the distance. Where you cannot tighten the hand. In the night, its infinite wall. Music of silence. Your steps which dance. The image of our lovesong. Between two banks of our delights. The lights temptresses. Darkness to protect itself. To observe time from to go away. Gently at the end of these moments. Who mark your heart. Scoff at your heat. You are frozen. But, you want to remain. There. To force-feed you of all that. Better still of the city which sleeps. With this intense power. To believe. That all is for you. This other law. To beat in you. With its silences. This deep dependence. Of living in unison. Your intense shivers. Between two banks of our delights. Which to choose? To leave. To leave the wonders of the country of Alice. By manufacturing half of vacuum. An infinite and cursed space. Morbid. Sawn Timber of the regrets to have very left. You are frozen. You chose to remain. Until to