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When you were the colossus…

Publié le 2 Juil 2012

What did it arrive at your legendary force, your disproportionate power, you it colossus of power and force? I remember these moments, where raising the rocks of your projecting muscles, you forced admiration. Your valiancy, your courage were legendary. You did not have limits. Ultimate stage of the perfection, you were an example. You were so much of things. You were especially the colossus. This simple word imposed the respect. There was only you able to carry this qualifier. It represented you. He was you. But, today, that did you become? With your bandaged eyes, your lowered nape of the neck, your crushed muscles, you are nothing any more but the statue of your glorious last. What a shame! What a waste! Who suited to subject thus? I do not dare to imagine it, you it servile and cheap prone free spirit become. Would you have lost the word? It seems it. Moreover nobody wants to hear your whispered explanations, your badly assumed excuses. One cannot see this image which disturbs. One wants to remember your glorious last where you did not lower the head, where you advanced the head high, ready to raise so much of challenges. These days are yesterday when you walked heavily of the weight of your perfect muscles and that you were called the colossus…

le sang de la nuit, la naissance de l'ange, decouvrez le dernier roman de steffan urell

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