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You, us two, alive

Publié le 26 Juil 2015

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Fowl and bewitching in the air releasing itself. I speak to you about my boredom. Silencer and capricious. I speak to you its slow movements. In the reflection of the mirror skipping. Imperceptibly. The breath of the air holding on to it. In waves of dusts. Haughty and proud. Farther than the day and at night. Being languishing to know only the infinity. In the deafening humming. Of the nothingness. Without remembering, the heart which expires. Unguardedly, empty which attracts. There always there. The look which nothing retains. My boredom runs away. Its inconstancies, its arrogance which are mine. I speak to you about him. Accompanying these fears which retain me. The noise, the shouts, a body numbed. The cold, the black, you. This presence so close to me. That I could touch. That I so often imagined. Sensual, wonderful. Release of the infinity of my boredom. Mindless, alive. You have no name. Awaken my attention. Wake my reason. Calling my rebellion. Breaking the chains of the fate. Sealed in the boredom of my opportunities. Wait without moving. Aspire without daring. Break the mirror of these evenings. Where bathes the black reflection. Of a time which cannot fade. I speak to you of forgetting it, of coming along. In a country where will fall asleep our boredom. This evening, I dreamed about infinity. You, us two, alive.

le sang de la nuit, la naissance de l'ange, decouvrez le dernier roman de steffan urell

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