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The length of ours nights

Publié le 10 Déc 2014

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The length of ours nights breathes the languor of ours souls. On the walls our shades in all the directions crumble.  Tested to wander on the ground and in the airs. Not finding more image in the reflections of the past. Disturbed, gently hemmed. On the pavement the slow step of passers by trails. I intend you to whisper yourself tenderly. Are we still alive? Listen To the wind, looks in front. Lights of the night. Extending; you and me going towards the infinite one. Without goal, nor desire. Just invaded.  By the moon, the cold recovering us. Remember the rays of the sun. Their heat, flight of the bees. This softness bewitching. There remain words to maintain the memory. Without feeling it. It was well. Better than our shades snuggled and stiff in the half-light. Do you remember ? Our alarm clocks, fog in the fields, the languor of each morning. Bathed softness, of torpor. Stretching itself until more hour. It was well. A long time ago. I lie you. I remember any more nothing. Do not remain that our shades crumbling on the walls. All these things of which I am not sure any more. Wind, rain, the color of your eyes, odor of your hair. It is too far. Are we  still alive? I can speak to you about the Sleeping Beauty. To make seeming tenderly, lovingly. to Save time. Over the next night, the following ones, before returns. On the pavement the slow step of the passers by. Our shades eroding by repeating the wearying way. To know more if one can believe. In us, these possible black mornings driving out our skies. Are we still alive? I do not think it. Victims of a terrible sentence. Where the length of ours nights breathes the languor of ours souls.

le sang de la nuit, la naissance de l'ange, decouvrez le dernier roman de steffan urell

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