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I remember

Publié le 7 Mai 2014

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I remember the sound of the drums, of the deaf echo. Involving us on wild pulsations. I remember the sound of the drums, of the heavy air. Us enveloping made up smoke. Disaggregated stars falling crumbled. In this evening of end of the world where the room gathered the uneven ones, broken, crashed to pieces. Sprinkling the ultimate evening by drinking with mouthfuls poisoned nectar. Vitiated vapors tonic of awaked volcanos. I remember all and nothing. Forgetting us on the heady rhythm. I remember all and especially tomorrow. Projecting us in an asphyxiating future. No future. You shouted the closed eyes. Dancing the last anthem with clearness. No future . The wine ran with flood on your mouth and your body. Marking of red blood your gold loops. I remember you undulating. Tightening us on the music involving itself. I remember you murmuring. Pointing out these soft moments to us. The breath of the wind come from nowhere or besides. Bringing the softness of the first heats. In the meadow, along the river in silence. Our steps trailing on grass gently. Drawing aside the arms while flying to the grounds of an imaginary world. I remember that there exist angels. Protecting Us by pushing back the evil. I remember that there exists an archangel. Drawing aside us from the fatal moment. When the disaggregated stars fall from the sky crumbled. With one in an infernal noise. Like this evening in the set ablaze room. By the sound rises of drums brewing the heavy air around. I remember your mouth seeking the air. Holding us not to fall. I remember your mouth murmuring a prayer. Hanging to us not to sink. In the alcoholic vapors of an end of the world adulterated. Falling drop by drop in acidified rain. On you and me, burning slowly. Succumbing while whirling. Before us to break down, consumed. I remember this nightmare. Carrying Us with the doors of an end of the world. I remember now or perhaps later. Leaving us drunk carried by the wave on banks of another world.

le sang de la nuit, la naissance de l'ange, decouvrez le dernier roman de steffan urell

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