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How long, did I pass with you ?

Publié le 16 Nov 2012

The monotony of the rainy days came to ooze of trouble on the walls of your building. You look at them dripping of this dislike which wearies you. You could flee, to flee. But, cowardice comes to gain you, nibble you, eat you. It puts to you in crumbs. Your ideas of revolt are only words which you throw to exist, to deceive you. Even you, you do not believe yourself.You exist only by pushing the grid of your building when you return in your box of rat. You have the choice to leave. But to go where? Your horizon stops at the end of your street. There is never sun in your street. Large buildings protect you before plunging in the mouth of the subway. Do you still Know that some share pushes grass? You are afraid of the insects, of the birds. You are mutant. Then why to speak you about feelings? It would be necessary that you open the eyes, that you look at, to understand, open, be emotional, not to think more but of you. It is too much to require of you. You are the single person that your being still accepts. The others, all the others are hidden behind the trees of your forest. It pushed with the years putting your life in waste land. Most wild of the animals would be afraid to lose itself there in the blackness of these days without sun. You are there well. Also, the door of your large building pushes, hides behind his walls. Forget me. On the other side of the bars, I seize freedom, that which does you fear. How long, did I pass with you on the bad side of this grid? I do not have a figure. I know that it was too…

le sang de la nuit, la naissance de l'ange, decouvrez le dernier roman de steffan urell

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