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Doors of temptation

Publié le 6 Jan 2013


One day, the doors will open. One day, we will enter inside. To know the truth. That which escapes to us. That which will give a direction. All that one does, with all that one feels. Without never understanding it. Carrying out each day by practice, lassitude. One will go hand in the hand crossing the doors at the moment when they will open. Without fear with the certainty which our turn came. Not to have cheated. To have waited. Looking At this wood and stone wall. Each day. Each evening. We contemplated it with waiting of this moment when the right will be given to us. To leave this world, to penetrate in another which we imagine different. There will be no more beauty, nor of ugliness. There will be only the hope of our dreams. We will carry them with us for single luggage. Neither heavy, nor light. Thus we imagine this elsewhere. It cannot be about it differently. To imagine the worst to make moment present the best. To still remain still and vis-a-vis the door. It would be enough to push it. It would be so simple. Nothing is simple. It little by little is understood. To like to breathe. To like to live. To like to continue to dream. Us to strengthen for this day when the choice will have to be made. The good. To cross the door. To launch out or remain. I am not sure any more of me. I am not sure any more of you. However, I need so much you. To only leave, I cannot imagine it. To see you you going from there, I cannot support it. I hate this dead end in which temptation imprisoned us. We lost such an amount of time to work, modify, transform our intended. We were mislaid in front of these closed doors which will remain it forever. Which madness to have wanted one day to exceed them. To be happy, it is enough for us to remain on our side. With this happiness of each day to live together. With this concern of protecting it, of sequestering it in order to never see it escaping to us.

le sang de la nuit, la naissance de l'ange, decouvrez le dernier roman de steffan urell

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